Saturday, August 13, 2011

Watan mere...

Watan mere, tere maathe par
Ek taaj bithana chahte hain
Tujhse door zaroor hi ho magar
Tere kadmon ko choomna chahte hain...
Sab kuch tujhi ne diya hai
Humein hum tune banaya hai
Karmon se apne hum
Tera sar ooncha karna chahte hain...
Watan mere, teri har shikan ko
Ab door karna chahte hain
Ek din tujhi ke saath
Ek saath hum hona chahte hain...

Friday, July 22, 2011

Jeena isiko kehte hain

Subah Subah aankhein kholkar
Chehre par ek muskaan tu banata hai
Usi chamak se apne ghar ko
Ek firdaus tu banata hai
Khidki se jahaan ko pukaarkar
Ek paigaam tu sunata hai
Tazaah din aur tazaah lehron ko
Khushiyaan tu sikhata hai
Ghar se baahar nikalte hi
Thandi fiza tujhse milne aati hai
Use aaghosh mein lekar
Ek fasanah tu dohrata hai
Ek naya din hai aaj
Ek nayi shuruwat hai
Aaj ek naya tajurbah hoga
Ek naya afsana tu likhta hai
Din dhale, tu thak-haar kar
Apne ghar ki taraf kadam badata hai
Raaste mein har gulzaar se guzarkar
Ek rafeeq tu banata hai
Aashiyane apne pahaunchkar
Raahat mehsoos tu karta hai
Raat ki madhoshi mein ek hokar
Aaankhein bandh tu karta hai
Kal naya ek din phir aayega
Is soch ko dil mein bharta hai
Kisi ko phir ek muskurahat tu dega
Kisi ko ek pal ka sukoon milega
Koi tujhe milne ko thehra hoga
Koi teri raah mein khadaa rahega
Tere uthne ka intezaar tujhse zyada is aalam ko hai
Bas yahii hai zindagi
Jeena isiko kehte hain...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Aye Diwane dil mere...

Aye diwane dil mere
Aaj khush tu hone chala hai
Muskaan teri zameen aur hosla tera aasmaan
Aaj raah par tu chalne chala hai

Ghabrata tha tu bahut
Sehemkar chup jaata tha
haath thaamne se darr ta tha
Kadam badaane se sharmata tha

Dheere se usi sharam se
tere pankh khulne lage hain
naachne ke liye ghungroo bhi
aaj khud humtak sarakne lage hain

Woh arsh tera, woh zameen teri
Woh aks tera, Woh fiza teri
Chune ko haath badaakar
Manzil pahaunchne tu nikla hai
Aye dil diwane mere
Aaj khush tu hone chala hai
Kaaynaat se ek hokar
Saari bandishein todne tu chala hai
Azaad ho gayi hai har aarzoo
Aaj tujhe sab kuch mil gaya hai

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I believe...

I believe i can climb...
The highest peaks,
The steepest hill...
I believe i can run
The longest road
With no end til...
I believe i can walk
A million miles
The roughest roads
I believe i can fight
With words of valor
The required swords...
I believe i can reach
The top of the top
The infinite abyss
I believe i can overcome
The unexpected trauma
The emotional miss...
I believe i can give
Everything i have
And still have enough
I believe i can smile
To save a frowning life
Through all that's tough...
I believe i m unique
Different enough to make a difference
I believe i will never give up on me
I believe life will smile everyday
When it watches me every morning
Waking up, to conquer the day…

Monday, January 12, 2009

So strong

Like the trunk facing the storm
Like that spider climbing the wall
Just like the last straw to hold on to
Just like the brick wall, upright and tall
Akin to the wrestler on his last night
Similar to the man, going almost blind
Holding on to the glimpse of the last sight
And the destitute fire-fly losing its glow
Or the running shoes that are almost too slow
Just like the raindrop unaware of its fate
But braving the leap into the unknown
Just like the fireman who does not know
If he will ever return
Or the climber defying gravity
Plunging into the realm of uncertainty
Just like that
So strong, she is…
So undeterred, so radiant
Of all forces true
My mother, my friend…

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Not so long ago

They say life changes,
But if only they knew
There are no truer words
No better a description.
Has it already been this long?
It has been a while
Who was I back then?
How did I manage to survive?
I know some answers
But others, maybe not
Some voices play in my mind
Some moments, in my memories, caught,
And yet, I can live everyday
Over and over in my head
The smile, the wave, the walk away,
Inside my head, the jumbles wed.
Intertwining trains of thought
Uniting the acts of fate
The walk, the droplets, all that’s white
The hugs, the embraces, never to let go
We walk today, together again
No one will ever need to know
You will lead me, as you always did
I will, silently follow.
I wish sometimes I were there
Was there something I could do?
All is meaningless, now
I have stopped the questions too
We walk and talk, all this way
I can still see you.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

His montage

He rode across the high and low
Painting his montage, so free
Twinkle, the sky above
And surpassing the usual gleam
He felt, he knew the touch so well
Embracing the power to be
The less face that was put up
Was too superficial not to see
With silent steps and lowered eyes
She passed him once, unnoticed
And then again an eon later
He saw, he knew that touch so well
This time he would not let her go
This time he ruled his destiny
He waited too long
He waited too far
This time he knew it was meant to be.